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2020 Focus: Bring Back the 80s

Sinjin Smith's career hit its peak from 1979 to the mid 1990s. When he competed, hundreds of thousands of people would come to watch. The whole beach lit up. Sinjin and his buddies had rivalries with their opponents at different beaches and when they traveled to face eachohter, everyone came out to watch. 

The goal of the NCSVA is to bring back this kind of commradery and liveliness that Sinjin brought to the beach when he played. Who will be the next Kings and Queens that light up the beach?! 

Thank you to our amazing sponsors for helping us bring back the hype! 

Video of the 1987 Laguna Beach Open ~ Dose of the 80s

NCSVA's #bringbackthe80s vision encapsulates the crowd, community, excitement, competition, and overall energy of the beach that Sinjin Smith inspires. 

beach vb in 80s
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